To be able to upload your website, you’ll need several details to access your hostingpackage.

NOTE: Our platform requires an encrypted connection. Set your FTP client to SFTP and use port 22 to utilise an encrypted connection.

Username & password

When a new Webhosting package is created, a username is generated automatically. You may set your own password through our control panel. When you’ve logged in to the control panel, navigate towards “Products & Services” in the black menu at the top of your screen. Next, click “Webhosting” in the menu to the left.


You will now see an overview page containing all of your Webhosting packages. Select the package for which you want to change the FTP details.


Next, select your package under “Webspaces”, displayed in blue font.


To the right of the page you will see yout FTP/SSH username. The option “Change Password” allows you to alter the password for this user.



On top of your username an password, you’ll need a hostname to which your FTP client connects. You can find this hostname on the same page, under “Backend Details”.