In this step-by-step guide we’ll explain to you how to upload a website to your Webhosting package.

Table of Contents

Download FTP Client

Uploading a website to your Webhosting package can be done via specific type of software; FTP clients. We advise using Filezilla, which you can download for free via the Filezilla website

Connecting to your Webhosting package

If you’ve already obtained your FTP details, feel free to skip ahead to the ‘Setting up Filezilla’ section of this article.

To be able to upload your website, you’ll need several details to access your hostingpackage.

NOTE: Our platform requires an encrypted connection. Set your FTP client to SFTP and use port 22 to utilise an encrypted connection.

Username & password

When a new Webhosting package is created, a username is generated automatically. You may set your own password through our control panel.

When you’ve logged in to the control panel, navigate towards “Products & Services” in the black menu at the top of your screen. Next, click “Webhosting” in the menu to the left.


You will now see an overview page containing all of your Webhosting packages. Select the package for which you want to change the FTP details.

 Next, select your package under “Webspaces”, displayed in blue font.


To the right of the page you will see you FTP/SSH username. The option “Change Password” allows you to alter the password for this user.



On top of your username and password, you’ll need a hostname to which your FTP client connects. You can find this hostname on the same page, under “Backend Details”.


Setting up FileZilla

When you’ve started up Filezilla, you may enter your FTP credentials you’ve obtained following the steps above.


Leaving the port input field empty will enable Filezilla to fill it in automatically. You can also use port 21.

Checking your Connection

When you’ve entered your details, you can click the ‘Quick Connect’ button. You should see the logs in the upper left screen.

If all steps have been followed as instructed, a folder-structure should appear as seen in the image below.


Uploading your website

The bottom of the screen in Filezilla is separated in two halves:”Local Site” and “Remote Site”.

The left screen contains an overview of your local filesystem. Navigate towards the folder in which your website is stored

Next, navigate towards the “domains/<yourdomain>/htdocs/www/” folder in the right screen.

The “www” folder is the folder in which you should place all your website’s files.

You can upload these files by dragging these into the “Remote Site” part of the screen.

In the bottom of the screen, you will see a queue of files that are being uploaded to Filezilla. When this process is done, all files will be uploaded.