NOTE: We currently do not own an EN version of Outlook 2016, therefore screenshots are in NL

To use a PCextreme mail address with Outlook 2016 you may use the following guide, in which we explain how to set up your client step-by-step


To set up your e-mail address you have to meet the following requirements:

  • A PCextreme mail account
  • A Laptop or Computer (Windows)
  • Office 2016

Add account

When Outlook 2016 is opened, at the upper left corner of the screen you will see the tab “Bestand”(image 1)


At this screen you may click “+ Account toevoegen” as portrayed in the image (image 2)


At the next screen you may select the option “Handmatige instelling of extra servertypen” (image 3), encircled in red in the image. Next, you may click the button “Volgende >”


Subsequently you may select the option “POP or IMAP”, as shown in the image (image 4) followed by clicking “Volgende >”


At the subsequent screen you may fill in your user data as shown below (image 5)

Naam: Firstname Surname E-mailadres: Type account: IMAP Server voor inkomende e-mail: Server voor uitgaande e-mail: Gebruikersnaam: Wachtwoord: email-address-password


Then, click “Meer instellingen” and select the option “Server voor uitgaande e-mail”. The screen as shown below should pop up (image 6). Tick the box “Voor de server voor mijn uitgaande e-mail(SMTP) is verificatie vereist” and afterwards select “Dezelfde instellingen gebruiken als voor mijn inkomende e-mail”. You may then press “OK”.


Now you may click “Volgende”, and Outlook will test your settings for incoming and outgoing mail services. When this process is done, you may press “OK”

You are now ready to use a PCextreme e-mail address using Outlook 2016!