This past year we’ve been working on a brand new web hosting platform, replacing our current one. The new solution makes use of our advanced cloud platform, which means that you will get more out of your web hosting package than ever before.

All of our shared hosting packages will be migrated to the new platform in the coming months. Web hosting packages ordered from the website will be directly deployed on the new platform.

What benefits does this have for you?

The demand for scalability and flexibility has increased exponentially over the past 10 years, and that requires a new approach in doing things. Issues that previously were unthinkable have become feasible due to new web technologies and our ever expanding dependence of the internet. The new platform is tailored to this need, making your websites and our services ready for the future.

The setup of the new platform is completely different. Where the old platform was actually one large platform, we have now divided this into several smaller platforms across different data centers. Additionally, a great deal has also been invested in the hardware of the platform, which now features local NVM express disks for example. This is the fastest storage method currently available and is even faster than SSDs.

In short, the new solution is more powerful and your website shares fewer resources with other users. All this ensures a significant gain in performance. In practice, you will immediately notice that your website is running faster and more stable. Also, any problems thay may occur in the future, happen less often and for a shorter period.

In addition to these direct improvements, we’re also focussing on the future. In the upcoming period we’ll be constantly working on making the platform even better. Because all components of a hosting package can now be used separately, they can be combined with other products such as our cloud environment for example. This allows you to create your own packages according to your wishes with only the products that you need, or to upgrade a product when necessary. Furthermore, our goal is to optimize backends for frequently used Content Management Systems so that you can easily deploy products that fully match the specifications of WordPress, Magento and other CMSs.

The new platform offers the building blocks to realize your concepts. We grow effortlessly with your website, company or application. We offer you the performance and freedom of your own server, without needing to have the required knowledge to manage one yourself. We are proud of these innovations, and we hope to build great projects together with you in the coming time!