The Plus- and Premium hosting packages allow you to connect multiple domains to one single package. This enables you to store all of the domain’s data and e-mail in one place.

To add an extra domain to your package, you must first log in to our control panel

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Adding a Webspace

When you’ve logged in to the control panel, navigate towards “Products & Services” in the black menu at the top of your screen. Next, click “Webhosting” in the menu to the left.


You are now greeted with an overview package containing all of your Webhosting packages. Select the package to which you’d like to add a domain.

Next, select your package under “Webspaces”, displayed in blue font.


This will lead you to the Details page of your Webspace. Scroll all the way down to the “Domains” tab.

Next, click the green “Add Domain” button.


The screen that pops up allows you to add your domain.



When you click the ” Show Advanced functions” button you should see a couple of extra options. It’s usually not necessary to change these settings.


Click the green “Add domain” button to add the domain to your Webspace.


Adding a domain to a Webhosting Package

Ordering and connecting a new domain

When you want to add a domain that is either not registered, or is a domain that is being transferred from another provider, select the “Domains, DNS & CLB” button in the menu to the left, and subsequently press the “Domains” button.


A dropdown menu appears, in which you may select the “Domain names” option.


You will see an overview of all the domains you’ve registered with PCextreme. Click the “Register/transfer domain name” button to the upper right of the page.


Fill in your desired domain name in the “Domain check” field. The most common extensions should show up at first, but you may select the “Show categories” button to display all of the available extensions.


Select the button next to the domain you’d like to order.


What do the statuses next to the domains mean?

When you see the text “Register for…” next to the domain, it should be free for you to register.


When the text “`Transfer for…” appears, the domain is registered with another party. You can only claim this domain when it is already in your possession.



Adding WHOIS details to a domain

When you’ve selected your desired domain, please scroll down to display the tab “Set contacts for the WHOIS”. Here you must enter the owner information for the domain.

When you’ve done this before, default owner information should appear here. If this is not the case (or if the details are incorrect) there are two options available:

  1. Use an existing WHOIS contact. To do this, click the current owner name. A list of existing owner details should appear. Schermafbeelding-2019-01-08-om-12

  3. Create a new WHOIS contact. To do this, click the “+” icon next to the owner information.


The screenshot below shows uniform Owner, Admin and Tech contacts. You can change these individually by selected the “+” icons, encircled in red.


Nameservers and DNS template

To connect your domain to your hosting package, it’s important to use the PCextreme namservers. This allows us to correctly set the DNS records for your domain.

Click the field which reads “No DNS Template” and select the correct Webhosting package from the dropdown menu. in the following screenshot we connect a domain to the “” Webhosting package.



Completing your order

When you’ve finished the steps above you’ll only have to press the green “Register or Transfer these {x} domains” on the bottom of the screen.


The domain will now be registered or transferred. It might take a couple of minutes for your domain to appear on the overview page.

It may take up to 24 hours for your domain to become active, depending on the extension. Transfer time may differ, depending on the extension.

De tijd dat een verhuizing kan duren is afhankelijk van de extentie van het domein.


Connecting an existing domain

To connect an existing domain, it needs to use PCextreme nameservers. Domains registered with PCextreme should use these nameservers by default. To check if this is indeed the case, or to alter the nameservers, select the “Domains, DNS & CLB” button in the menu to the left, and subsequently press the “Domains” button.


You should see an overview page displaying all of your registered domains. Selecting the domain you’d like to add to your Webhosting package will lead you to the Details page of said domain.

To the left of your page you should see the “Nameservers” header, displaying the nameservers currently set for your domain.


If PCextreme nameservers are not displayed here, you may alter these. To do so, click the blue “Domain Actions” button in the upper right of your screen, and subsequently select the “Edit Domain Info” option.


You can set the domain to PCextreme nameservers in the “Nameservers” tab.

Next, select the hosting package to which you want to connect your domain in the “DNS Template” dropdown menu.


Finally, finish the process by clicking the green “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.


Let op! Na het aanpassen van uw Nameservers en/of DNS records kan het maximaal 24 uur duren voordat u de effecten hiervan merkt.

NOTE: It may take up to 24 hours for these changes to take effect!