A subdomain is an expansion to your domain name. For example, the helpdesk page you’re looking at is a subdomain: help.pcextreme.com.

Your Webhosting package allows you to add as many subdomains as you want via FTP. After you’ve created a new subdomain, you can request an SSL certificate for the subdomain through our control panel.

Creating your subdomain

First, connect to your Webspace using Filezilla. If you don’t know how to do this, please follow this guide. Navigate to your htdocs folder, click the right mouse button and select “Create directory”. This creates a new folder inside of your htdocs folder. You can give this folder any name you want. For this example, we’ll create test.domain.com. Creating this folder will allow you to visit it through your browser.

Request SSL certificate

To make sure your subdomain is available through a secure https:// connection, you’ll need to request a SLL certificate. This can be achieved by adding your subdomain to the router of your Webhosting package.

We can only provide a SSL certificate when both hosting and domain registration are handled by PCextreme.

Click the Products & Services button at the top of your screen. Next, navigate towards DOMAINS, DNS & CLB in the left-hand menu and select Caching Load Balancer. Click the Routers option in the menu that pops up.

Domains routers

Now select the router affiliated with your Webhosting package. In the following overview page, click Add domain. router add domain Fill in the full name of your subdomain. Next, click Add domain.

sub The domain has now been added to the router. Your SSL certificate should be active in 1-2 hours.