When you have both your domain registration as well as your hosting package with PCextreme (and use our nameservers), your website is secured by a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. This certificate is distributed automatically. Usually, there are no additional actions required for you to make use of this certificate.

If you’re unsure if your domain has had one of these certificates deployed, you can try and visit your own website in your browser, and add https:// in front of your domain name.

If no error occurs, you can rest assured knowing that your website is secured by a Let’s Encrypt certificate.

If an error does occur, something might have gone wrong while automatically requesting your free certificate. If this is the case, please contact our servicedesk.

Your website might not be ready to connect over a secure https connection. In most cases, this is due to something called ‘Mixed Content’. This means that certain parts of your website (usually images and other media) are not fetched through an https connection.

You might also want to automatically redirect all of your site’s visitors through an https connection

To help you fix mixed content, please visit this helpdesk page.

To help you automatically direct visitors to https, please visit this helpdesk page.