You can secure your account at PCX with 2FA. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra step to protect your data. Enabling two-factor authentication improves the security of your PCextreme account and all your intellectual property. It is an extra layer of security if someone attempts to hack your password.

Table of contents

Authenticator Apps

The most common method for 2FA is to use a specific app. We recommend using the Google Authenticator App or Authy

Setup 2FA

  1. Log into your DirectAdmin account, and select the menu-option Password;
  2. Click on Two-Step Authentication;
  3. Select Create a New Secret;
  4. If you are using an app you can now scan the QR code;
  5. Check if your 2FA is set up correctly by testing it in DirectAdmin;
  6. If the test is successful you can turn on 2FA. Don’t forget to press Save.

Scratch Codes

If something happens to the device you are using for 2FA you can use a Scratch Code. These are single-use code. Store the codes somewhere safe. Create these code by clicking the Add Codes button. Five codes are then created that you can use to restore access in an emergency.