Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is an extra step to better protect your account. Enabling two-factor authentication improves the security of your PCextreme account and all your intellectual property. It is an extra layer of security for your account that ensures that you are the only person who has access to your account, even if someone knows or tries to guess your password.

When you log in you will be asked for a security code in addition to the email address and password.

Table of Contents

Authenticator App

The most common method for 2FA is to use a specific app. We recommend using either the Google Authenticator App or Authy. The first is very easy to use, the second has a backup option.

Setup 2FA

Log into your DirectAdmin account, and select the menu-option Password.


On the next page, click on Two-Step Authentication


On this page you manage all settings for 2FA. The first step here is to create a New Secret


A secret key is now being created that you can use to generate codes for 2FA. If you are using one of the two Apps we mentioned earlier, you can now scan the QR code with your phone.

DA-new-secret-2 If you need to fill in the secret manually, you can also find it on this page. In the above screenshot, this is the following sequence:


The next step is to check if your 2FA method is set up correctly, by testing the generated code in DirectAdmin. On the following screenshot, enter the code of your Authenticator:


If the code is correct, you will see the following screen.


You can now safely turn on the 2FA by checking the checkmark in the following screenshot. Don’t forget to press Save.


Scratch Codes

In the unlikely event that something happens to the device you are using for 2FA, you can use a so-called Scratch Code. These are single-use codes, which you should store somewhere safe. Create these code by clicking the Add Codes button.


Five codes are then created that you can use to restore access in an emergency.