Due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are limited in our ability to provide personal information.

When you’ve forgotten your login details to gain access to our control panel, this impairment might become problematic. To log in to our control panel, you’ll need to use a specific e-mail address. Seeing as this is personal data, we cannot pass on this information without some screening.

In this step-by-step guide we will explain how to gain access to our control panel and your products, in case you’ve forgotten which primary e-mail address you should use, and/or the password that you accompanies it.

Table of Contents

I’ve forgotten my password, but do remember which e-mail address I used to register my account with.

In this case you can reset your password through the password reset page. Here you can enter the e-mail address you’ve registered your account with, and a password reset link will be sent to this address.

I’ve forgotten both my password and the e-mail address I used to register my account with.

In case you’ve forgotten which e-mail address you’ve used to register with, you must first try and find out which address this is. These steps can help you on your way:

  1. The e-mail address you need to log in to our control panel is (usually) the very same address you receive your invoices on. In some cases, a financial contact has been created in the control panel. Should this be the case, you do not have full access to the account, but you are able to see which address has full ownership of the account by checking the “Accounts & Members” tab in the control panel.
  2. We can always manually send a password reset mail to the primary e-mail address, after which you can check your e-mail addresses if such a mail has arrived to your Inbox. To do this, we kindly ask you to request such a mail through our support channels. We would appreciate it tremendously if you can add your account number or the name of a product under the account. This helps us find the specific account and send you the password reset mail.

In case the primary e-mail address is an address issued by a major mailservice company, such as Gmail or Outlook, we are allowed to mention this to you. In case the address is e private one, such as yourname@yourcompany.com, we are not able to provide this information due to GDPR guidelines.

I do not have access to the e-mail address used to register with, or can not retrieve it after following the steps above.

Private accounts

If you can’t gain access to the primary e-mail address, you may send an e-mail to our servicedesk, accompanied by a copy or clear picture of your ID. We will then search for private accounts using your name, and subsequently send a password reset link to a specific mail address.

Using this link you may set a new password and log in to our control panel.

Corporate accounts

In case your account is marked as a corporate account (when in doubt, check the name on your invoices), we can only change the primary e-mail address for this account after receiving the following information: 1. Digitally certified Chamber of Commerce extract belonging to the organisation registered as customer with PCextreme (no older than 3 months). 2. Copy, scan or clear picture of a valid ID belonging to independently authorized director or all jointly authorized directors (as stated on the extract). *

*When the director(s) of the organisation registered as customers with PCextreme are not natural persons, we will require a digitally certified Chamber of Commerce extract for all parent natural persons, as well as a copy, scan or clear picture of their respective ID’s.

You can mail all of these documents, as well as the desired new primary e-mail address towards service [at] pcextreme.nl